Responsive Website Designs

What is a responsive website?

In short, it simply means your website will automatically adjust its size and layout to suit the screen size it is being viewed from.

This will ensure your visitors have the best possible experience when visiting your site. The content should still be easy to read and the links are still easy to follow and navigate around.

This also includes mobile and tablet devices. With more people accessing the internet on the go, now more then ever before, your website should cater for these visitors.


What to watch out for

Lets look at some reasons why your website might not be considered mobile-friendly.

  • Cluttered design
  • Complex navigation
  • Page load speed
  • Too much content

The first 3 are pretty straight forward when it comes to mobile-friendly websites.

But what about too much content?

When considering mobile users, all they really want to know are the facts. They want to know the answer to their questions without the life story behind it. Tell them what you do, what you sell, and make sure your phone number is easy to find. In fact, place your phone number on every page.

Ideal Designs for Responsive Websites

Our team at NEXT LEVEL Digital recommend using a proven web platform such as WordPress.  You can learn more about WordPress by visiting

WordPress is great because there are literally hundreds of existing and mostly free plugins that can be used to accomplish almost anything. WordPress its self is responsive by design.

Take a moment to see our recent projects listed on our main wed design page. All of which were built on the WordPress platform.