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3 Ways to Improve Website Rankings

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Just before we look at 3 Ways to Improve Website Rankings

Do you know how much traffic your website is attracting?

If you haven’t already been monitoring your websites performance than you really need to sign up (it’s FREE) to Google Analytics, Google Webmaster Console and Bing Webmaster Tools. Yes Bing Webmaster Tools as well, it’s free and there are loads of features you could be taking advantage of.

Now that you have the basis to monitor website traffic and view high quality reports on your website, it’s time to look at

3 Ways to Improve Website Rankings

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My love letter to Swiss Design

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The Mozart Requiem project was in response to the following brief from a University group
“make a poster that used a modern graphic with a nod to the past”

This brief led me to the history of poster design, actually straight to a particular style from the 1920’s, the International style.





International Style or Swiss Design emerged in Russia, the Netherlands and Germany in the 1920’s. This style has had a huge influence on graphic design and begins with a mathematical grid and looks at creative ways of working within the grid.

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